Muslims in China during the Japanese Occupation

Niujie, Beijing

The Koran in Niujie, Printed by Beiping Chengda Normal Publishing. 1939.
Halal bronze board in a food stall. 1941.
A Muslim Person in Niujie. 1939.
Doing Wudhu/Ablution. 1939.
Gathered to recite the Qur’an. 1941.
Photo of two worshipers of the Niujie mosque. 1941.
Friday Sermon, 1941
The cleric gives a lecture at the Niujie Mosque. 1941.
Adhan in the minaret of the mosque. 1941.
Recitation of the Qur’an on the pulpit. 1941.

Masjid Tianqiao (demolished), Beijing

Tianqiao Mosque in March 1939
Tianqiao Mosque in July 1941


Carpet Manufacturing. 1938
Perform ablution. June 1938
Atmosphere of a Mosque in Zhangjiakou. June 1938
a Madrasa in Zhangjiakou. June 1938
Little boy reading arabic text. June 1938

Hohhot, Inner Mongolia

Minaret Masjid Utara di Hohhot, Inner Mongolia. 1939



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